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Wichtige information: Bei Anwendung aller Flüssigkeiten ist es wichtig das die zu behandelnde oberfläche kühl und sauber ist.

Außerhalb der Reichweite von Kindern aufbewahren! Bei Verschlucken, wenden Sie sich an Ihren örtlichen Notdienst und führen Sie kein Erbrechen herbei.


Obliterate is a powerful cleaner capable of breaking down dirt, grime & bugs. It helps remove particles to help make your wash safe.



  • Spray over contaminated areas.
  • Leave to work for a couple of minutes but do not leave to dry
  • Wash off till product and dirt is gone.
  • Caution! do not apply in direct sunlight.
  • Caution on wrapped surfaces also do a test spot.
Bear Car Care Obliterate Sicherheitsdatenblatt
Obliterate Pre Wash - Bear Car Care - 07
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Glacier is a PH Neutral snowfoam formulated to produce a thick coat of foam over your car to help drag and break down dirt safely. Being PH neutral, the foam is wax and LSP safe yet effective. Glacier is very effective as part of your pre wash stage and will help make your wash safe.

Product Features:

  • PH Neutral
  • Wax & LSP Safe
  • Concentrated Formula
  • High Foaming


- Place 50-100ml into your lance bottle.

- Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water.

- Cover the whole vehicle in Glacier until it is covered

- Allow to dwell for approx 5 mins

- Finally pressure wash off for fantastic results.


Immaculate is a premium luxurious shampoo. Safe on waxes and sealants yet still providing a slick bubbly foam to help glide over your bodywork. Once on your bodywork the advanced formula will help break down dirt and grime whilst providing a lubricated surface for your wash mitt. In addition to this, it is highly concentrated and easy-rinsing. When used with a wash mitt you're ensured of a professional and safe wash.


- Advanced slick formula.

- High Foaming

- Safe on all surfaces



- Simply add a couple of capfuls into half a bucket of warm water.

- Agitate product with a pressure washer or hose until suds fill the bucket.

- Use a wash mitt to gather suds and wipe down vehicle.

- Once vehicle is washed use a pressure washer or hose to wash product away.

- Top tip when washing we recommend the two bucket method.

Bear Car Care Immaculate Sicherheitsdatenblatt
Immaculate Premium Shampoo - Bear Car Ca
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Luminous is a luxurious shampoo which uses advanced technology to help blend high quality waxes with our premium shampoo formula.

Just like all our shampoos, Luminous will provide a very slick and bubbly foam to help your mitt glide over your paintwork. It is safe on other waxes and sealants but tough on dirt and grime. Luminous will help leave a protective waxed finish after your wash, perfect for a quick or top up wash.


- High wax content

- Concentrated formula

- Slick thick suds 

- Streak free gloss enhancing formula



- Simply add a couple of capfuls into half a bucket of warm water.

- Agitate product with a pressure washer or hose until suds fill the bucket.

- Use a wash mitt to gather suds and wipe down vehicle.

- Once vehicle is washed use a pressure washer or hose to wash product away.

- Top tip when washing we recommend the two bucket method.


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Luminous Wax Shampoo - Bear Car Care - 1
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Eradicate is our premium iron & fallout remover. A powerful and effective fallout remover. It is designed to remove and breakdown iron rich contaminants on both body panels and wheels, such as break dust. Once sprayed on, Eradicate will instantly begin to dissolve and breakdown contaminants, leaving a clean surface.Is unique formulation helps it to cling to the surface, maximising is efficacy. Its quality ingredients and pleasant scent and low odour formula make it a pleasure to use.


- Powerful premium formula

- Low odour cherry infused scent

- Gel based liquid for extra cling and performance

- Safe for body work and wheels



- Spray Eradicate over the affected wheel or panel completely covering the area.

- Allow at least 2-3 minutes to work but do not leave to dry.

- Once the product has reacted it will turn dark purple and you will see the points of contamination.

- After reaction and dwell time have occurred rinse the product off thoroughly.

- Even though Eradicate is safe on bodywork caution is to be given on a wrapped panel.

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Eradicate Iron & Fall Out Remover - Bear
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Deliquesce is a premium blended solvent to aid the removal of Tar & Glue deposits.Its formulation will quickly help to break down contamination on your paintwork


Vortex is a powerful gel based wheel cleaner. Providing a slightly thick foaming spray it will cling to your wheel to help break down road grime. Although tough on dirt Vortex is a non acidic formula and safe on most finishes. Perfect to use as a quick detailer or part of a wash.


Product Features:

  • Gel based formula for extra cling.
  • Safe for most wheel finishes 
  • Non acidic
  • Powerful cleaning power


How to Use

To wash, mist product over wheel.

Allow 2-3 minutes to dwell

Use a detailing brush if needed to agitate product.

Pressure wash wheel until dirt and product is removed

Once clean for the perfect finish use a microfiber towel to dry.

Bear Car Care Vortex Sicherheitsdatenblatt
Vortex Wheel Cleaner - Bear Car Care - 1
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Renew is a premium interior detailer. It will enhance your interior surfaces giving them a superior clean and fresh finish. Simply spray onto a microfiber and wipe over interior surfaces to remove any light dirt and restore your trim.


  • Leaves a fresh standard finish
  • Incredible Scent
  • Easy to use



For use on interior trim

Spray product over a microfiber cloth

Gently wipe over your dash and trim

Once all surfaces are done, use another microfiber to remove any residue.

Bear Car Care Renew Sicherheitsdatenblatt
Renew Interior Detailer - Bear Car Care
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Clarion is a highly concentrated alcohol based glass cleaner. It will safely and effectively remove fingerprints, smudges and light marks. Its quick evaporation rate results in a streak free perfect finish


- Premium High Alcohol Formula

- Lighting Fast Evaporation

- Streak and Smear Free



-Mist product onto your chosen panel

- Using a glass cloth buff product off covering the whole area

Bear Car Care Clarion Sicherheitsdatenblatt
Clarion - Bear Car Care - 24.09.18 - R1.
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Brilliance is our premium quick detailer.

Brilliance is no ordinary quick detailer as it's blended with an advanced sealant.

The formulation ensures not only a crisp, clean finish, but also provides an excellent level of protection. One application will improve the appearance of your vehicle.


- Advanced pro hybrid formula

- Provides paint protection

- Easy on/off usability

- Can be used as a drying aid

- Perfect for a quick wipe over



Mist product over a single panel or onto a microfiber cloth.

Use a clean microfiber to cover the entire panel.

Use a separate microfiber if needed to buff after.

Repeat the process over entire vehicle.

Bear Car Care Brilliance Sicherheitsdatenblatt
Brilliance Premium Detailer - Bear Car C
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Radiant is our new formulation of spray wax.


Radiant is a luxury spray wax. Designed to apply a layer of wax on your paintwork quickly and effortlessly. Radiant is easy to apply and buff off and will leave a deep glossy shine.This is the perfect product to apply a layer of protection or to give a layer of gloss to the paint.


Radiant will heavily increase the gloss levels on your paint to leave a clean and professional finish.

Gumball & Cherry Drop Air Freshener

Gumball is one our premium liquid air fresheners. Designed to help erase odours and leave a sweet bubblegum scent once sprayed.


- Odour Eliminating

- Concentrated formula



- Spray into the air inside the car

- Spray in a few areas to maintain maximum scent and durability such as carpets and headlining.

- Top up with an additional couple of sprays every few days to maintain freshness

Air Freshener Sicherheitsdatenblatt

Cherry Drop Air Freshener - Bear Car Car
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Gum Ball Air Freshener - Bear Car Care -
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We are proud to be part of Trusted Car Products approved scheme. All of our products have been put through testing by them and scored a minimum of 8/10. Each product has its own unique score and you can log on to the site to check out the reviews.We work with Andy and the team to help make sure we are delivering quality products that you can trust