Immaculate Reflection The Turd Polisher 100ml

Immaculate Reflection The Turd Polisher 100ml
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Who saw our April Fool's post? We advertised that a new wax was coming soon - The Turd Polisher!

And this was the summary we gave...


"A new wax that will make even your turd of a car look great! A unique blend of luster enhancing ingredients, to add shimmer, luminosity and brilliance to all types of paintwork whilst still delivering high end protection in a fun and easy to use wax, fragranced with the sweet smell of success - yes you can polish a turd!"


So many people wanted us to make it a reality, so here it is!


This luscious soft wax will make a great gift for anyone that has a real turd of a car, but will also be ideal for serious detailing enthusiasts and professionals, a gimmicky but perfectly useable wax - sorting out the problem of what do you buy that person that's addicted to cleaning their car and owns every product you can think of already - they won't have this!


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