Immaculate Reflection Iron Fallout Guy 500ml

Immaculate Reflection Iron Fallout Guy 500ml

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Those pesky fragments of iron and brake dust that like to stick to your wheels and paintwork are no match for Iron Fallout Guy!


In a flash (okay a few mins) he will magically and safely dissolve them before your very eyes.


Among his super powers though lurks one we aren't so sure he should be so proud of - he's a right stinker, not such a hit with the ladies at parties!


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Ensure wheels and paintwork are clean and cool. Spray the Iron Fallout Remover over the areas you want to treat, the liquid will start to dissolve the contaminants and bleed a purple colour as it works. Agitate if required and rinse off thoroughly, ideally with a pressure washer. Do not let the product dry on any surface and do not apply in direct sunlight or hot conditions.




Iron fallout (predominantly from the brake discs and brake pads) is especially noticeable on white cars and alloy wheels. The tiny specks of iron will start to rust over time and show as orange marks. They will also make the surface of your paintwork feel rough to touch rather than feeling smooth like glass. Polishing alone won't usually remove them from the paint.